Is Your Content Earning trust and Loyalty?

Is Your Content Earning trust and Loyalty?

Creating vast amounts of content for your website and having a social media presence is all well and good, but it isn’t just about how your customers engage with this content, it’s also about the loyalty and trust that you are building with it.

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Content Marketing and Brand Trust

The trust factor you create through your content marketing is how your customers perceive your brand, the people who work for you, your company values and the types of feelings you evoke within them.  If you need help with your overall look, logo, imagery and more then you could contact a Branding Agency to give you advice.   With Branding Agency Really Helpful Marketing you are sure to have support for as long as you need and a professional service.

When this trust is there it creates a positive association for customers and will make your brand their reliable option. And, in order to achieve this, your brand needs to appear before them in many places online (websites, social media, blogs etc.) and offline, to build up brand recognition and familiarity.

As well as producing content that is centred around your brand, you should also try having other content from non-competing companies and experts in your industry so you’re creating conversations. People will relate better to people, so having these types of engaging discussions will add to the trust and positive association that customers have with your brand.

Content Marketing and Loyalty

We tend to think of sharing content on social media channels as a linear trend – a like on Facebook leads to a share, which consequently leads to more shares and likes. However, research by Buzzfeed indicated that this isn’t the case and that people are actually jumping from links to different social media platforms in no particular fashion.

This, therefore, means that link building doesn’t need to be the sole focus, because by creating content and sharing it, links are naturally occurring. Researching what content performs best and on what channels will help you to place the most effective content in the right place, which is then making your content do all the hard work for you.

By creating content loyalty, you’re gaining fans that will share and promote all your content for you, which, in turn, will bring conversations from potential customers to you as they comment on social media, your blog and on your website.