Five Technology Trends That Are Shaping Business Today

Five Technology Trends That Are Shaping Business Today

All across the globe, the digital transformation is well underway. Over the past few years, a veritable revolution has been taking place in business and commerce, thanks to online, and other emerging technologies. Among them, certain technologies are quickly establishing themselves as the new standards for the years to come.

  1. The 5G Network & IoT

Deployed in 2019, the 5G network has now been successfully rolled out across most of the globe. Representing the latest generation of mobile communication technology, 5G boasts greatly improved speeds and connectivity. It also has better capability in regard to what has been coined the ‘Internet of Things (IoT) in the tech industry.

IoT refers to the broad collection of interconnected devices and machines that we use today. A common method of connection throughout these devices is the internet. The 5G network has been designed to carry a far great load than its predecessor, to fulfill the needs of IoT.

  1. AI & Machine Learning

More than just a buzzword these days, artificial intelligence (AI) has been steadily integrated into almost everything online and digital, and showing promising results, especially for businesses. By some estimates, more than 50 percent of all applications and services, online and offline, with be AI-based by the year 2024.

In business, AI and machine learning are being used to improve and streamline services, enhancing customer interaction and experience. It is also being used to great effect as a highly efficient and useful marketing tool and business aid.

  1. Stricter Regulations For Online Advertisers

While most of the trends emerging in technology have been beneficial for business, new privacy and data regulations have left online advertisers with the short end of the stick. The laws are made to restrict advertisers from collecting and using third-party data to target their customers.

This follows a string of laws and policymaking regarding online privacy in recent years, as the world gradually adapts to this new era of online business and interaction.

  1. Hybrid Workforces

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing countless businesses and industries to adapt or perish, many began working from home, converting rooms into offices. From here they attempted to carry on and make the best of it.

To the great surprise of many workers and businesses though, this new situation revealed certain advantages. Not only could employees save time and money by not having to commute to work every day, leaving them with more time to relax and play at Lucky Creek online casino and do other activities they enjoy, but businesses could also save money by not having to provide office space and facilities.

Many businesses realized that this makes complete sense for them. And so, even after the pandemic subsided, those businesses have continued to utilize the new “hybrid worker” approach.

  1. Cybersecurity

Malware, phishing, DoS, and ransomware attacks are all becoming more frequent. New methods of security such as multifactor authentication, however, is expected to greatly improve online security and privacy. This may also, potentially spell the beginning of the end for passwords, something that many around the world will likely rejoice.