Getting 301 Redirects and SEO

If you use 301 redirects on your site or your clients’ sites, then it’s vital to understand how to use them properly in order to avoid damaging your search engine rankings. Image Credit Using 301 in the Right Places First of all, only use a 301 redirect in the right places. As an SEO specialist, […]


Looking for things in a food warehouse. Here are 3.

Every business that handles food and other consumable products should keenly understand and maintain an awareness of all industry guidance and regulations. There are rules and guidelines that govern all aspects of the supply chain that are specifically designed to protect consumers. One is to use Pneumatic conveying like that provided by Image Credit […]


A beginner’s guide to annuities

An annuity is just one of the many options available to people who are approaching retirement. Annuities were compulsory up until April 2015, when the Government announced greater freedom on how you can use the funds in your pension pot. This move was welcomed as annuities, while secure, did not provide attractive returns. However, it’s […]