Looking for things in a food warehouse. Here are 3.

Looking for things in a food warehouse. Here are 3.

Every business that handles food and other consumable products should keenly understand and maintain an awareness of all industry guidance and regulations. There are rules and guidelines that govern all aspects of the supply chain that are specifically designed to protect consumers. One is to use Pneumatic conveying like that provided by https://www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/.

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Here are three more things that you must carefully consider before signing a contract for new warehouse facilities or partnering with a logistics company for your product storage and transportation needs.

Are there practical pest control processes in place?

All food storage facilities should have active pest control processes in place, covering both the interior and exterior of the premises. Request to see all pest control documentation and make sure to carefully inspect all aspects of the warehouse yourself. Inspect behind things like cupboards and longspan shelving units, monitoring the cleanliness of some of the more difficult to reach areas. Make a note of anything that concerns you, especially if you notice any indicators of pest infiltration such as holes in building walls, insects and droppings.

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Is the warehouse registered with all relevant UK and EU bodies?

It is essential that your warehouse is fully compliant with all appropriate bodies and submits to all inspections when required. It is vital that you understand precisely how food regulations affect every aspect of your business and the Food Standards Agency website is an excellent resource, housing a range of food law information.

Does the warehouse company have a good track record?

There are a variety of ways to establish whether your preferred potential logistics partner has a proven track record of handling food products safely. Undertaking a Google search for negative reports and/or reviews is an excellent place to start, however, your search should delve much deeper before signing any contracts.

As well as asking to see all food handling documentation, you should also review the firm’s health and safety records to ensure that all members of staff are provided with a safe and supportive working environment. Storage solutions including longspan shelving units should be safely secured and the layout of the warehouse should be conducive to a positive and easy to navigate workplace.

Your storage and distribution facilities form an important aspect of your business and ensuring that they are fully compliant with all food handling requirements is vital to maintaining consumer confidence in your company.