Fashion dictionary: 5 things every fashion enthusiasts should know

Fashion dictionary: 5 things every fashion enthusiasts should know

No matter if you’re only starting your fashion journey or if you’ve been passionate about it for many years, there are some interesting clothing items that you should know about. Apart from the classic everyday garments like jeans, t-shirts, and jackets, the fashion industry has much more to offer and today we’re here to present you with a few of them that you can definitely use for your next outfits.

Mackintosh trench coat

Although it has the elegance of a regular trench coat, what makes a Mackintosh different is the fabric that it’s made of: two layers of cotton blended together with the use of a special rubber that makes the textile water-repellent. According to Britannica, it bears the name of Charles Macintosh, the chemist who invented the waterproof fabric. This garment is highly appreciated especially in regions with a high humidity level such as Great Britain and Ireland. Just like a regular coat, a Mackintosh can be worn with almost anything, however when combined with a dress and some knee-long boots it makes you look even more feminine and put together.

Aran sweater

You might have heard about Aran sweaters before being referred to as Irish or fisherman jumpers you can find them on Tara . What sets them apart from the other pullovers are their distinguished knit patterns, inspired by the traditional Celtic and Aran stitches. Today they are mostly made of fine merino wool which makes them soft, breathable, and comfortable for everyday wear. An Aran sweater has long become a staple in anyone’s wardrobe as it is easy to style and gives any of your outfits a traditional charm.


Culottes pants are a part of women’s wardrobe; traditionally, these are wide-leg trousers, knee or calf-length that can resemble a skirt. Since they can visually make you look shorter, they aren’t recommended for short girls and those with a pear body figure. Casual, yet still sophisticated, they look wonderful when paired with classic white shirts or tops to create formal looks, but can also easily serve as the perfect pair of bottoms to wear with a crop top and go for a walk.

Babouche slippers

The babouche shoes originate from North Africa, more specifically from the country of Morocco and they are believed to be at least four centuries old. Made of soft and comfortable leather, they were one of the most beloved pairs of shoes of Yves Saint Laurent and since the 1960s, babouche slippers have been presented on Chanel, Prada, and Balenciaga runway shows. Today they are worn with relaxed fits and can serve as a wonderful alternative to white sneakers or sandals.

Ascot blouse

As the name suggests, the ascot blouse is a top with an ascot collar- a specific wide necktie that looks like a small scarf. This type of collar has been around since the 19th century and it was traditionally an accessory worn by gentlemen. Although it can be made of any fabric, the ascot collar looks especially great when made of silk and when incorporated into classic outfits it certainly looks more appealing than a regular button-up shirt.