Getting 301 Redirects and SEO

If you use 301 redirects on your site or your clients’ sites, then it’s vital to understand how to use them properly in order to avoid damaging your search engine rankings. Image Credit Using 301 in the Right Places First of all, only use a 301 redirect in the right places. As an SEO specialist, […]


Questions to ask before buying a Membership Management Systems for your business

Before you invest in a new Membership Management system, it makes sense to first ask a series of business questions. These will help to pin down your objectives and ensure that the resulting investment is a profitable one. Companies such as provide systems that can be trialed and demonstrations have seen to ensure that […]

Business Technology

Animation in advertising

Dismissed as faddish and strictly for kids in some quarters in the past, animation has long been established in the mainstream of art, entertainment, and advertising. In a trend that has gained momentum in recent years animation has been used to convey a message in a fun way, with Compare the Market’s ‘Meerkat’ having entered […]