Accessories and why is everyone scared to use them

Accessories and why is everyone scared to use them

With fashion becoming an industry of freestyling and easy expressionism, there are still some questions we haven’t figured out. And the one we are addressing today is why are people scared of accessorizing. The bold looks that are taking over the fashion world show us that extravagance is appreciated and encouraged, but even with this, accessories are promoted more than worn. In this article, we are going to talk about some types of accessories and how to style them in order to keep your daily outfits sparkling. You should also check Vogue’s article on the accessories trends of this spring, so you’re up to date with the latest fashion choices.

Types of accessories

Before we start with the outfit tips and tricks, we think it’s very important to know that accessories are a term used for many items, although people mistake it for just jewelry. Yes, jewelry is also an accessory, but you can level up your outfits using many others. For example, scarves are great accessories for summer outfits. A bag can be an accessory if chosen right. Belts, hair clips, hats, glasses/sunglasses, and even brooches. All of these are accessories that you can style into your daily outfits. And it doesn’t stop here. Basically, if it’s not a main piece of clothing, it’s an accessory.

Daily vs Bold

Now that we know what we’re working with, let’s see how to style a casual look that you can wear daily and that is nicely accessorized. First, you need the base of the outfit. This can be a shirt and some trousers, a skirt, jeans, heels or loafers, or anything that makes you feel comfortable. After you put together a look, you’re gonna add the jewelry. Make sure the colors of your outfit match the silver or gold that you’re using for the jewelry, and also, stick to one metal. The most underrated piece of jewelry these days is the bracelet, so maybe look into some unique pieces so you can be one step further. Other pieces can be some dainty earrings or a simple necklace, as you want the look to be accessorized, but not very busy. For the final touches, you’re gonna add a scarf tied around a belt loop, around your neck, or on the handle of your bag. This will add a pop of color and an extra touch to your look.

If subtle is not what you’re going for and you want a bold look, you should ditch the dainty jewelry pieces. Instead, add a pair of chunky colorful earrings, and match them with some mismatched rings and a choker or a pearl necklace. For the other accessories, you definitely want to add a hat or some hair pieces, depending on the outfit, you can go for some colorful socks or an accent belt and finish off the look with a pop of color on the lips. This style of accessorizing by combining colors works very well for neutral outfits, just make sure the colors complement each other and you stick to a maximum of 3 bright colors.