Best Games Based Around Cryptocurrencies 2023

Best Games Based Around Cryptocurrencies 2023

There is no question that cryptocurrencies can enhance games. It is all a matter of how cryptos are implemented, how fun the games are, and how the rewards systems work. As it stands there is yet to be a crypto game that hits it out of the park, offering universally enjoyed gameplay and an outstanding rewards system.

Even still, there are plenty of crypto games that are still a ton of fun. Here are the best crypto games available in 2023.

Meta Kart Racers

Perhaps the biggest downfall of crypto-focused developers is that that they’re aiming too high. Most have focused on trying to deliver a AAA experience, which although noble is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive task.

Mega Masters Guild (MMG,) on the other hand, has focused on what really matters; creating games that are just plain fun. According to the company, the idea is to design games based around play-and-earn, rather than play-to-earn. Their current project, while still in development, is excellent. Called Meta Kart Racers the project clearly takes inspiration from the Mario Kart series. Only, in this case, racing and winning give rewards in crypto.


RobotEra is another in-development game that shows enormous potential. The idea is that players create an NFT-based robot, enter the world, and start doing their part to build the universe. Though, before any major construction can get started resources must be mined. The selling point is that just about anything can be created in-world, giving players almost complete freedom of choice. It remains to be seen where RobotEra goes, but the early signs are very promising.

The game is based around the $TARO crypto. Those interested can check out a few crypto guides before getting started.


Crypto enthusiasts everywhere are excited about Calvaria. Calvaria is a card-based battle game, only now nearing the end of development but already getting major attention. Investors are so confident that the developers have raised $2.75 million.

The selling point of Calvaria is that it isn’t limited exclusively to crypto traders. Play-to-earn and free-to-play versions are available, meaning that even crypto amateurs can get in and give it a shot. Of all the games on this list, Calvaria is perhaps the most exciting, with some already saying that it could be the next Magic: The Gathering.


Calvaria may be looking for success using a tried and tested formula, but Silks is trying something completely different. The idea here is that players buy, train, trade, and race horses. In other words, Silks is, at its core, a virtual pet simulator. Only instead of battling Pokemon players race horses.

It’s an exceptionally interesting idea, especially given how far the developers are taking it. Players not only have to care for, and manage horses, but they also have to buy land, build facilities, and consider trading routines. There is plenty of potentials here, especially for those that have a real interest in horses. Of course, anyone that just wants to win some crypto in a horse race can also check it out.