What is the difference between silicone and rubber?

Silicone and rubber are both highly versatile, flexible substances. Although people sometimes think they are the same material, there are actually important differences. However, both can be stressed or stretched and then return to their original form. Image Credit Atomic structure Essentially, silicone belongs to the rubber family, but not all rubbers are silicone. Both […]


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

The four seasons is a beautiful piece of music written by Antonia Vivaldi in 1725. It is made up of four concertos which each represent a particular season. The piece is written for a small orchestra with a solo violin as the main musical element. In order to help people, understand and interpret each of […]

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How to reduce false fire alarms

The number of false alarms received by fire services throughout the United Kingdom is becoming a problem; in fact, it has been estimated that the cost to the UK economy over a single year is a monumental £1bn. This huge amount includes various fire service costs and the loss of production suffered by businesses that […]