Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on May 7th, and it is the perfect day for you to show your mom how much you love and care about her. Planning ahead of time the presents that you’ll give her is the best-case scenario, but we are just as much of a procrastinator as you are (don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone!). If you’ve already read all the Mother’s Day gift idea guides but still haven’t found something that would be to your mom’s liking, we are here today to help you out and give you a few easy last-minute gift ideas that your mom is sure to appreciate.

Subscription box

If you want to give your mom a gift that will keep on giving, a subscription box is the best present you can think of. The best thing about these subscriptions is that you can find one for absolutely any interest your mom has, whether it is cooking, skincare, fashion, or movies. Plus, they also come in plenty of packages for all budgets so you can choose the right one for yourself no matter how short on money you are. This way, she will get a box full of goodies delivered to her door at the beginning of every month!

Knit cardigan

Speaking of breathable clothes, a knit cardigan made of super soft and fine Merino wool is a must in every mom’s wardrobe, so if your mom doesn’t have one already, get her one ASAP. Irish cardigans are renowned for their high-quality fibers and amazing patterns which makes them stylish garments that can be worn regardless of the occasion or season. Get her an Irish cardigan made of 100% merino wool you can find easily online on shops like Keilys in a neutral color that will go well with the rest of her clothes and since this fabric is an extremely durable one, she will enjoy your present for many years to come.

Food basket

If your mom is a foodie and she really knows a thing or two when it comes to high-quality products, a gourmet basket full of her favorite treats can also make an excellent present. There are plenty of options to choose from, from handmade chocolate that you can find at local artisanal stores to the snacks that she usually munches on while watching a movie. Another great idea would be to make a charcuterie board with different types of cheese, jam, fruits, and meat cuts that will be perfect for brunch or as an appetizer before the barbeque that you’ll make to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Fitness gear

Most moms have this phase in their life when for some weird reason they get really into fitness and if it is the case with your mom as well, you have lots of gift options to choose from. One of the best gifts you can give her is access to virtual yoga classes or gym memberships so that she can stay fit and also socialize and make friends. If your mom likes outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, or biking, purchase some new gear for her, for example, a new, comfortable backpack, a water bottle, or even a new bike that she has been eyeing for some time. New clothes for working out such as yoga pants and t-shirts made of breathable fabrics are also great gift ideas.