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How to become a NASCAR driver

Do you imagine being the next Nick DeGroot? If you have dreams of being a NASCAR driver, where do you start? Image Credit The traditional way into top-level motor-racing, whether F1 or the oval track beloved of American fans, has always been the go-kart circuit. Karting has produced many world champions in all versions of […]


The top things to know about Britain’s industrial economy

The financial crisis of 2008 was largely driven by too much dependence on consumer spending, from excess individual credit and the financial services industry. The economy has been growing steadily since, but it is the form of the recovery that is key. The shift has been towards more manufacturing and exports, helping sustainable economic stability. […]

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How to reduce false fire alarms

The number of false alarms received by fire services throughout the United Kingdom is becoming a problem; in fact, it has been estimated that the cost to the UK economy over a single year is a monumental £1bn. This huge amount includes various fire service costs and the loss of production suffered by businesses that […]