Matching outfits: the subtle way

Matching outfits: the subtle way

Matching outfits with someone else can be a very cute expression of togetherness and shared style. While the thought of matching outfits might paint a picture of identical outfits, we’re trying to help you avoid that, as it might feel like you’re overdoing it. Instead, we have some ideas of how to match your outfit to someone else’s in a more subtle way that still makes a visual impact. Read along to discover the subtle way to match outfits and effortlessly sync your style with others.

Color harmony

Instead of wearing identical colors, choose an approach based on shades. Choose tones within the same color family to create looks that will go well together. For example, pair a deep navy with a lighter sky blue or rich burgundy with a soft blush. Neutrals are your secret weapon for this subtle matching. Earthy tones like beige, gray, or olive effortlessly complement each other and create a very classy mix.

Pattern play

Embrace the charm of patterns without going too matchy-matchy. If one person is wearing stripes, the other can go for a subtle floral or geometric print. The key is to vary the type of patterns while keeping the same color palette. Adding the same textures to your outfits will also help you achieve a matchy look. Wearing velvet accents, a leather jacket, or silk tops will look cohesive enough without being too matchy.

Matchy accessories

Accessories give you an excellent opportunity for subtle coordination. Match accessories like watches, belts, or hats to create a connection between outfits. A well-coordinated accessory can tie the entire look together seamlessly. For a vintage-inspired outfit, pair two flat caps with different patterns in your outfits to add that matchy element. You can find various designs for men and women here: This will be the cherry on top for your outfits and it will also show your sophistication.

Casual & complementary

Jeans are a versatile piece that can be easily matched because everyone has them. In your outfits, you wanna pair different washes or styles of denim for relaxed looks with a cohesive appearance. This approach works well for casual events and gives off an easygoing vibe. You can also introduce subtle pops of color to both outfits for even more coordination.

Theme days

Add a fun and thematic element to your matchy outfit to make it stand out. Pick a theme, like a nautical touch with navy and white stripes or a bohemian vibe with earthy tones and flowy silhouettes. Keep the theme subtle, ensuring that it ties the outfits together without being overly literal, and play around by matching with the season. Soft pastels in spring, warm earth tones in autumn, or cool blues in summer will give you a seasonal aesthetic.