Laser Tech for Tomorrow’s Tabletops and Cleanrooms

Laser Tech for Tomorrow’s Tabletops and Cleanrooms

Innovation in the world of laser technology is offering all kinds of complex yet elegant solutions for the home and workplace. Here are three laser technologies that could have a significant impact on where and how you live or work:

Cleanrooms the world over may be replete with sophisticated airflow systems, specially designed disposable cleanroom overalls and a host of rules and regulations, but all of that good work can be swiftly undone with the common keyboard. All those crevices are hotbeds for dust accumulation and bacteria growth. That’s where the cleanroom laser keyboard projector comes in.

The projector itself is entirely mobile, while the ‘keyboard’ is projected onto a tabletop – no crevices and simple to wipe down.

Elsewhere, free electron lasers have until now cost billions to construct and have often been miles long. But work is underway to produce a free electron laser that, at 3 feet in length, will fit onto a desktop. Capable of revolutionizing X-ray science, and with hundreds of further applications also anticipated including even authenticity analysis of artwork, the innovation will make free electron lasers accessible to thousands of medical and research centers throughout the world.

Meanwhile, it’s not all good news from the world of laser tech. The Skarp laser razor was recently kicked off Kickstarter because it failed to adhere to the crowdfunding platform’s policy regarding prototypes; specifically, it didn’t work. But that’s not to say it won’t work at some time in the near future. If Skarp can get its act together, it could herald the end for shaving foam and disposable blades. Expect tomorrow’s world to be one of the silky smooth legs and baby-soft chins.

The technology revolution is not confined to the digital, nor handheld or wearable devices. Equally, the latest innovations in laser technology are not confined to the laboratory. With research firmly underway in thousands of centers around the world, the latest applications for laser technology will be commercialisable and for the direct benefit of millions of individuals worldwide.