Top tips to improve air quality in the office

Top tips to improve air quality in the office

Most of us are aware of poor air quality when it comes to being outdoors, but people are often unaware of poor air quality indoors. This can cause problems, particularly for office workers who can experience symptoms that are damaging to their health, productivity, and comfort if the air quality in their office is poor.

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There’s a handy guide here which outlines many of the reasons why air quality in an office may be poor and why it’s important to be aware of the problems and guard against them –

Here are five tips that will help you maintain the good air quality in your office so that workers can feel comfortable and productive.

Keep the office clean

One of the most important things is to make sure that the office is kept clean. Air quality can be damaged by pollutants coming from dust, mildew, mold, chemicals used in cleaning agents, tobacco smoke, allergens, and contaminants. Make sure that the office is regularly hoovered, surfaces are kept clean, food and other waste is removed and try to avoid harsh chemicals being used as cleaning agents. Keep all floors and furnishings clean. You can choose soft furnishings that will lend themselves to easy cleaning, for example, try using reception chairs that are made of materials suitable to be wiped down, such as vinyl so the antibacterial properties will help prevent contaminants being released into the air. You can find a good choice of reception chairs available here.

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Good ventilation

Make sure that the office spaces are well ventilated, letting in fresh natural air will keep the inside air circulating and can help reduce the pollutants that can be found indoors.

Don’t block air ducts and vents

Make sure that your office furnishings don’t obstruct air ducts and vents and be sure to regularly change air filters. Clean the HVAC ducts regularly and make sure they are kept sanitized.

Get indoor plants

Plants can absorb toxins from the air so they not only make your office look good, they can help purify the air. Adding plants around your reception chairs makes a great entrance to your office building.

Carry out regular airchecks

You can monitor the air quality by carrying out regular checks which will assess humidity levels, airflow, ventilation, mould, and odours or water damage.