Tips for maintaining your spray booth

Tips for maintaining your spray booth

Spray booths are commonly found in the automotive sector in places like body repair shops, but they are also a feature of many manufacturing operations.

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These booths involve the use of hazardous chemicals, and that presents a risk to workers and others from the inhalation of fumes. It’s therefore important to operate your spraying facility safely, and part of that is ensuring that it is kept properly maintained.

Clean and tidy

One of the key elements in looking after your spray booth is to ensure that it is always kept clean and tidy. It needs to be dust-free to prevent particles from getting into the paintwork. It’s also vital to keep the door seals clean to ensure that they are doing their job effectively and not allowing any contaminants inside. A regular wipe of the seals should be part of your maintenance regime.

It’s important to inspect the booth on a regular basis, too. A five-minute walk around while it is in operation should be enough to allow you to spot any damage. It will also highlight any changes, such as a compressor suddenly becoming noisier.

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In automotive use, spray booths are often located in an otherwise dusty workshop environment. It is therefore essential to ensure that the booth and its ancillary equipment are cleaned regularly. This not only helps lessen the chance of contamination but will help to prolong the working life of the plant. In addition to your own cleaning and maintenance regime, it’s a good idea to have an inspection by a trained engineer at least annually.

Air and filters

Spray booths rely on ventilation systems to supply fresh air and remove fumes. Your system should ensure that the air entering the booth is both clean and dry as moisture levels can affect the quality of a paint job.

To ensure the airflow in the booth, it is vital to change the filters on a regular basis. You can get spray booth filters from a supplier such as These ensure that contaminants are safely kept out and that booth temperature is correctly maintained.

The regulator within the booth that provides air to the operator also needs to have filter changes on a regular basis. These may need to be changed more often than other filters.