Will the NHS be Able to Retain EU Medical Staff?

Will the NHS be Able to Retain EU Medical Staff?

Following Brexit, many NHS leaders have expressed concerns over how they will be able to maintain the same level of care should their EU staff leave.

The organization that represents NHS commissioners and providers has called for the government to take “immediate steps” to assure staff from other European Union countries that they will be able to stay in the UK.   This could potentially affect the way we do Patient Recruitment Services as well but luckily we have companies like richmond pharmacology to help.  They have a working system that is fair and checked by law.

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Health Safety

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Safe Staffing Levels

The impact of this on the level of safe staffing across the healthcare industries was discussed what is CRP in a recent debate at the House of Lords. In their briefing paper, the NHS Confederation organization also highlighted that social care and NHS leaders were concerned about how they were going to recruit candidates from the EU going forward.

The paper also estimated that approximately 57,000 people (5 percent of NHS staff) were from EU countries, along with 6 percent of employees in the social care sector.

In England, there are 21,000 nurses working in London, the east and south-east who are from the EU. The document went on to say that there is great uncertainty for a large portion of their workforce now the UK has decided to leave the EU. It suggests that the current levels of care could be put at risk if any of these employees leave.

This, alongside a rise in demand which is growing faster than the levels of funding, means the NHS faces great challenges.

Employees Need Engaging

The document also pointed out that it isn’t just a case of needing a certain number of staff in the right areas, but that employees also need to feel engaged and valued in the work that they are carrying out. This is crucial in maintaining the commitments they have to the public and the government.

There have been certain changes in place to help address these recruitment issues, including increasing apprenticeships and removing student nurses’ bursaries, but the NHS is still waiting for people to be found to fill these positions. Other companies offering clinical staffing solutions, may be able to meet some of the shortfalls, but EU recruitment still remains a necessity.

With Brexit uncertainty continuing, the recruitment of much-needed staff remains a great concern for many NHS employers.