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How to reduce false fire alarms

The number of false alarms received by fire services throughout the United Kingdom is becoming a problem; in fact, it has been estimated that the cost to the UK economy over a single year is a monumental £1bn. This huge amount includes various fire service costs and the loss of production suffered by businesses that […]


Making the most of your position in midfield

Of all the roles on a football team, the attacking midfielder needs, perhaps, the greatest variety of skills in order to perform. It is typically an all round playing position. Playing as the lynchpin between the midfield and the strikers, attacking midfielders need impeccable ball handling skills, a strong grasp of how their team operates, […]

Business Technology

Animation in advertising

Dismissed as faddish and strictly for kids in some quarters in the past, animation has long been established in the mainstream of art, entertainment, and advertising. In a trend that has gained momentum in recent years animation has been used to convey a message in a fun way, with Compare the Market’s ‘Meerkat’ having entered […]


A quick guide to car leasing

Have you ever thought about leasing a car instead of buying or renting? If you have, you are one of an ever-growing group of people who have realized that leasing a vehicle is a financially sound decision that allows you to drive off in a new car every few years and saves you money in […]