The essentials to being a plumber

Whether you plan on working as a domestic plumber or perhaps for an Emergency Plumber Gloucester company such as http://www.hprservicesltd.com/emergency-plumber-gloucester there are a number of skills and tools that you will want to ensure that you have and are familiar with.

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A plumber needs to be comfortable working on their own and often in high-pressure situations. This is particularly true of you are called out for an emergency plumbing situation. In some cases, you will be unsure of what it is that you are going to walk into so being able to stay calm is also important. You can qualify as a plumber in a number of different ways but the most common route is through an apprenticeship with a registered company. If you are going to focus solely on plumbing with water and waste-related pipes you can carry on with your training without the need for any registered qualifications. If however, you want to be able to work with gas pipes you must be gas safe registered. Most plumbers will opt for the full range of training in order to ensure that they can work on a variety of different jobs.

Having good manual dexterity is important for a plumber as is a good level of fitness and physical strength as working on piping systems can become incredibly tiring and you will need to be working in the occasion confined space.

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When it comes to the tools in your kit bag there are a number of items that you will want to become familiar with as you will be using these on a daily basis. These include the following:

  • Pipe cutters – in order to cut out any pipework that is damaged or to cut pieces of pipe to replace a particular area you will find that you are using these on a daily basis.
  • Tube cutters – these help you to cut those pipes that are too large or too thick for your pipe cutters to get through.
  • Adjustable spanner – this will become your best friend. Especially when you are dealing with leaking pipes. You often find that plumbers will have spanners in a number of different sizes to ensure that they can use them on any circumference of the pipe.
  • Blowlamp – these are used to solder together pipes and to deal with any small cracks that can be soldered over in order to repair. The blowlamp produces a fine flame at an incredibly high heat so it is important to use these safely.

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