Which Floor Tile Design Will Be the Best Fit for Your Home?

Which Floor Tile Design Will Be the Best Fit for Your Home?

Floor tiles are so versatile, allowing you to produce a wide range of designs just by laying them in a different pattern. Floor tiles come in a range of looks, textures, colors, and styles, providing a superb choice for home flooring projects. The kitchen and bathroom areas especially benefit from this flooring solution.

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Due to their geometric shapes, there is a multitude of layout options, producing endless possibilities of designs for your tiled floor. If you have some creative flair, you will love the freedom and variety of options that floor tiles offer. You may, however, find this variety overwhelming, so here are some tile pattern options to help you decide what look you are after in your home.

First, think about the color, size, style, texture and overall look you would like to achieve. Go to some showrooms and browse brochures and online for inspiration, ideas, and general interior design schemes that appeal to you. Consider the practicality of this type of flooring and whether laminate flooring, hardwood flooring or carpet would better suit the space you are intending to lay flooring in.

Once you have decided upon a general design scheme for your room, choose a tile that will complement it and then consider all the different ways it can be laid. Companies offer a wide range of flooring solutions and can give advice on laying of floors as well as the benefits of different types of flooring available.

Grid Pattern

Most tiles come in a square or rectangular format, and laying them in a simple grid system is the most common way to use them. By laying the tiles up to the wall edges, the need to cut tiles and create wastage is reduced. This can be ideal for creating a non-distracting floor, or by using different colored tiles or grouting, you can choose to create a floor that draws the eye, producing a grid pattern with a flourish.

Other Patterns

Consider an offset pattern that resembles the laying of bricks. The Harlequin pattern looks dynamic with square tiles laid on the diagonal. A Herringbone pattern is popular with longer, more plank-like tiles, while a Chevron pattern gives a classy and sophisticated look. For more complicated patterns, consider Hopscotch, Basketweave or Windmill.


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