Top 5 Horror Movies In 2021

Top 5 Horror Movies In 2021

When it comes to horror movies it’s one of those themes that not so many people like. Despite all of that there is a lot of great work being done by producers of horror movies. These are some of the best horror movies that are available currently.

Things heard and seen

The movie was released in April and it’s available on Netflix. The storyline of the movie is very interesting, it encompasses the theme of love and marriage.

However, the lead actress suspects darkness that is hanging over them and their new home. You can watch this movie after playing real money casino games to give you that adrenaline, check out for more information.


This is one of the most interesting horror movies that you can watch.

As much as you might think that this is one of the scariest movies just from the name it’s not that scary at all. The storyline is based on a young girl starting a music career.

The forever purge

This is a follow-up to the movie that was released a couple of years ago the purge. The storyline follows through the abolition of the purge.

It mainly focuses on the couple that was terrorized by strangers in Texas. The movie was set to be released on the 16 of July 2021.

Terrifier 2

If you have watched the terrified you have to make sure that you are with the Terrifier 2. This is a sequel to the first one. The movie is set to be released this year since it couldn’t be released last year due to covid-19.

A quiet place part 2

The movie premiered on May 28 and it is also available in other theatres including amazon. It also stares at some of the best actors and actresses including Emily Blunt. The storyline focuses on a family that is seeking safety after being attacked by aliens, similar to most you can find on many pokies online games.


These are some of the best-ranking movies that you can watch under the horror theme. There is so much that you can learn from them besides the scary part.