Which Streaming Service Is Best For You?

Which Streaming Service Is Best For You?

In modern-day entertainment, high-speed internet, and in turn, cord-cutting has become a norm. Everything we could possibly want to watch is available online and is said to be cheaper and more convenient, the convenience factor may be one to contend though.

Ten years ago, we had the convenience of a simple choice, you could count the number of streaming services on one hand. Today, we are faced with more than 60 mainstream streaming services. With this many streaming services on hand, it can be difficult to choose the particular ones you want to use. In the below, we discuss a few of the top streaming services to help you decide which may be best for you.


Netflix has become an industry standard as the norm of what a streaming service should be. There is no doubt that Netflix is still one of the top contenders and, at times, even beats out other streaming services for the best that there is.

Netflix has an ace up its sleeve that no other streaming services have been able to match, Netflix original content. Some people may not enjoy all the original content, but that is the key, there is something for everybody. With original content like Stranger Things, The Witcher, Black Mirror, Squid Games, and many others to go along with, there is no other streaming service that offers original content that has been as successful as the Netflix original content has been.

Prime Video

Amazon streaming service Prime video has been fighting for a top spot amongst the biggest streaming services for a while now, trading blows with Netflix for a spot at the top and on our TV screens.

Prime video has taken over streaming licensing on a lot of shows everybody loves like Parks and recreation, Frasier, and others, to try and pull back some audience from the Netflix ever-growing fanbase. While it is great to watch some great shows from the past, Prime video has taken the competition even further with some great original content of its own like Grand Tour and The Boys.


First launched in late 2019, Disney+ is a newer addition to the line-up of big streaming services. One could be forgiven for thinking that Disney+ is tailored to a younger audience as a way to keep cartoons when moving away from living TV. The truth of the matter is that Disney+ hit the market running and has not stopped since. Disney+ has its one ace up its sleeve in the form of owning the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, the original content to come from these two alone is enough to make anybody want a subscription. Shows like The Mandalorian, Loki, WandaVision, and Hawkeye just to name a few. Disney+ is a strong contender for original content and is the best streaming service for any Marvel or Star Wars fan. It’s as rewarding to watch as a Lucky Creek no deposit code is to claim.

Curiosity Stream

More of an honorable mention than competitors to the big streaming services, Curiosity Stream is the best place to get all of your documentary and learning shows. At a fraction of the price of other streaming services, Curiosity Stream is best treated as an addition rather than a competitor. No other streaming services offer the amount of historical and documentary-related content that can be found on Curiosity Stream.

There is no real replacement or competition for them in the streaming world, so if you enjoy a good documentary or science program, Curiosity Stream should definitely have a place on your TV.