How to become a NASCAR driver

How to become a NASCAR driver

Do you imagine being the next Nick DeGroot? If you have dreams of being a NASCAR driver, where do you start?

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The traditional way into top-level motor-racing, whether F1 or the oval track beloved of American fans, has always been the go-kart circuit. Karting has produced many world champions in all versions of racing and teaches racecraft and how to handle speed.


Young drivers are increasingly looking at the opportunities NASCAR racing may offer, as the route through the formulas to an F1 seat is ever-more difficult. The emergence of the Whelen Euro Series across Europe can whet the appetite of young drivers and fans, with big crowds turning up across Europe.

Those visiting Tours for the NASCAR races might take advantage of tickets from sporting events to get a close-up view of the circuit.

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Witnessing a major NASCAR event will give a hopeful driver valuable experience in the atmosphere around a major race, with such an experience part and parcel of any hopeful’s development. Another part is understanding the dedication and hard work the professional drivers have put in to reach this level – natural talent will only take you so far without the right work ethic.


Part of this development will include a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of your vehicle from wheels and roll bars to Vehicle Tracking systems which are available at sites like You can begin with your kart, but make sure you keep learning along the way. This will mean you can communicate with your team through your career and get the best out of your vehicle.

Physical fitness is also key, not only due to the strains put on the body during a race but also the importance of weight ratio between pilot and car.

Like F1, NASCAR success can be reliant on having the right sponsors in place before approaching a team for a potential drive. Remember that it is important how you present yourself, as sponsors see you as a representative of their company and their aims. It is important that you can hold a conversation with potential sponsors demonstrating how you can carry out this role.

Once on the track, you will have to work your way through various tiers of NASCAR series. Once in the Sprint Cup Series, you could be on your way to a legendary status alongside DeGroot.