Traditions and trends related to Irish dancing at the wedding

Traditions and trends related to Irish dancing at the wedding

Like any other rite of passage in the life of a person, the wedding is a deeply personal and important event. As much as it pertains to the individual and his own journey through life, this rite of passage is deeply rooted in culture. That is why traditions are such an important aspect of a wedding. Modern-day weddings generally don’t put too much emphasis on customs, but if you’re the kind of person who is in touch with his cultural heritage and wants to keep that connection with his cultural roots, then you might want to incorporate traditional elements, or even opt for a full-on traditional wedding. The beauty of a traditional setting is that it has a very rich and unique cultural identity. An Irish wedding, for example, has a particular identity shaped by the Gaelic and Catholic history of Ireland. There are many interesting Irish wedding traditions, such as aitin’ the gander,  tying the knot, the Claddagh Ring, and of course, Irish dancing. 

Irish dancing at the wedding 

It might seem surprising, but the tradition of having Irish dancers at the wedding is pretty recent. It became popular at the turn of the twentieth century thanks to a revival of the Gaelic consciousness. More recently, it has been heavily popularized by the Riverdance show. Irish dancers usually perform with an Uilleann pipe player or an Irish band. There’s also an unofficial tradition related to Irish dancing which has become more of a trend in recent years. Towards the end of the night, male guests gather together and start Irish dancing. This is done in good fun, so it’s usually a spontaneous activity, there is no choreography involved. However, if you are invited to an Irish wedding and you truly want to impress, you can dress in some traditional Irish costumes and take some dance footwear as Celtic Irish dance shoes supplied by Corr’s and go to a few Irish Dancing classes to train and achieve mastery in Irish dancing. We guarantee exceptional results.

Music for Irish dancing at the wedding

When it comes to traditional songs that are specific to Irish weddings and are perfect for Irish dancing, there is quite an impressive repertoire. The most popular Irish wedding song is “The Irish Wedding Song” written by Australian composer Ian Betteridge in 1976. It has become almost a standard at Irish wedding receptions. 

Another popular song is “She Moved Through the Fair”,  a traditional Irish folk song with lyrics by the poet Padraic Colum and music by Herbert Hughes. The melody can be traced back to the middle ages. Although the theme of the song is mournful because it is about a man who has lost his lover, the meaning of the lyrics has taken a positive turn and the song became quite popular at Irish weddings. You can make a playlist with appropriate music for every part of your wedding reception. Alternatively, you can hire a wedding band to make sure that your guests will fill the dance floor and will stay entertained throughout the wedding reception.