Three common sweatshirt fabrics

Three common sweatshirt fabrics

Buying a new sweatshirt is easy. You have probably done this many times, but are you buying the best sweatshirt for you?

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Sweatshirts have come a long way and whilst they were once considered gym attire only, they are now more than acceptable to take you to dinner or even the office. When choosing yours, there are a few different types of sweatshirt fabric you are going to encounter. Knowing the difference between each and what makes them unique will help you to choose the fabric that suits you and your style best.

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This fabric name is probably the most self-explanatory. In fleece-back fabrics, the underside has a soft and fleecy feel to it that is created by brushing the underside with sandpaper or wire brushes. It gives a velvety feel to the material and helps your sweatshirt to have that extra cosy feel. Whilst it is often a medium-heavy weight fabric and great for seasonal wear, this is a functional piece with a real snuggly feel.


Whilst this one is not as self-explanatory, the double face is made up of two interlocking knitted fabrics. Double knitting two single jerseys together keeps both the underside and outside of the fabric flat and means they have two ‘right faces’ or sides, which is perfect for a reversible sweatshirt. This fabric is one that is soft, stretchy and forgiving and is often described as a ‘sturdier’ fabric.

French terry

Often known as lightweight sweatshirting, this material is both soft and highly functional. The loopback cotton delivers the same purpose as the loops you find on your towel: to absorb moisture such as sweat. Whilst this is perfect for the gym, terry sweatshirts can be sharp enough to wear to the office or dinner.

Adding a crisp white shirt underneath will make this look even smarter. You will find plenty of mens Farah sweatshirt options at retailers such as that will do just the job for multifunctional wear.

The sweatshirt may have once had the reputation of just being something to work out in; however, those days are long gone. Keep in mind the various materials and fabrics on offer and you will find it easy to ensure you are buying the perfect sweatshirt for you and your lifestyle.